How to grow cucumbers

Grow cucumbers in sunny spots in the garden and keep watering. Don’t let them grow too big or you’ll lose all that lovely cucumber flavour…
- Thomasina Miers

All hail the cucumber – the coolest salad ingredient in the garden. A flavour synonymous with summer, cucumber is a refreshing salad essential that’s full of healthy vitamins. Find out how to grow these in your garden with these handy tips.

Provide consistent moisture: Cucumbers require consistent moisture for proper growth and to prevent bitterness. Keep the soil evenly moist throughout the growing season, especially during flowering and fruiting. Mulching around the plants can help retain moisture and regulate soil temperature.

Support the vines: Cucumbers are vining plants that benefit from support. Provide trellises, stakes, or a cage system to support the vines as they grow. This helps keep the fruit off the ground, reduces disease risk, and makes harvesting easier.

A place in the sun: Cucumber plants like sun, but are prone to scorching, so some shade is preferable. Encourage greenhouse varieties to climb to boost yields.

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