Endless Possibilities.

With so many different rooms to organise and a whole host of items to store from food supplies through to pet food and cleaning equipment, finding a solution that works can be challenging. That’s where the iconic OXO POP collection comes in.

Airthight seal


Space-efficient design

Dishwasher safe

Organise your desk for a clear working space

Rubber bands, pens, paper clips and other essential supplies stay organised in ou POP’s stackable containers.

Small Square Medium

Small Square Short

Arrange pet food and treats

Keep pet food fresher for longer while containing odours, perfect for storing in kitchen cupboards. With a push button, it’s easy to POP and go, feeding furry friends on demand.

Big Square Tall (5.7L)

Big Square Short (2.6L)

Stack your personal products out of sight

Bring an end to chaotic bathroom drawers and cupboards with our containers

Mini Square Mini (0.2L)

Rectangle Mini (0.6L)

Keep your kid’s space tidy

Keep living rooms and children’s rooms clear of toys by storing building blocks and toy cars until it’s time to play again.

Big Square Mini (1.1L)

Rectangle Short (1.6L)

Set up your space for creativity

Keep your art and crafts room organized with our POP containers, offering a tidy solution for your crafting essentials and creative tools, eliminating the hassle of searching for misplaced supplies.

Big Square Medium (4.2 L)

Rectangle Medium (2.6L)

Sort supplies in your kitchen

Keep dry foods fresh and kitchens organized by storing everyday must-haves like flour, sugar, coffee, cereal, oatmeal, coffee, grains, pasta and spices.

5-Piece Pop Container Set

Small Square Tall (2.1L)

Choose the best container

There are endless possibilities for storage dry foods in OXO POP Containers and our handy guide will help you determine which size container to choose from our wide selection.

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