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OXO Good Grips Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Set

A Grime Fighting Team

4-in-1 Set tackles tough grime in hard-to-reach spots

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A One-Stop Shop

This versatile set includes two brushes with four heads: A loop brush, an angled brush, a chisel scraper, and a flat scraper. The set snaps together on a handy clip, and the two pieces feature long handles to keep hands away from blades and crevies. the chisel head even has a cover to keep it (and you!) protected.

We've Got You Covered

The loop brush is perfect for juicer parts, and it's especially good at cleaning blender blades without getting your hands too close to the sharp edges.

The angled brush is great for sink hardware, food processors and other tight spaces. The angle of the head helps put your elbow grease to work!

Because Everyone Knows What It's Like to Clean Last Night's Baking Dish...

The flat scraper helps remove baked-on messes, stubborn stickers and more. Anything you want to get underneath, this scraper will do the work.

Get In the Groove

The chisel scraper gets into grooves and nooks on toaster ovens, the line between your sink and counter and even that pesky refrigerator lining.



Good Grips

Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Set

4-in-1 Set tackles tough grime in hard-to-reach spots

This versatile, compact Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Set features durable nylon brushes and scrapers that can get into your kitchen fixtures and appliances' tight spaces and get unsightly buildup out of them. Tools snap together into clip for storage.

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  • Perfect set for giving your kitchen and appliances a deep, detailed cleaning
  • Durable bristles and scraper heads provide a deep clean in hard-to-reach spaces
  • Loop brush is great for blender blades, mesh screens and juicer parts
  • Angled brush is ideal for grout lines, fixtures and surfaces
  • Chisel scraper easily gets into grooves and nooks
  • Flat scraper gets under surfaces, helps remove baked-on messes on stovetops, stubborn stickers and more
  • Long handles keep hands away from blades and crevices
  • Soft, comfortable, non-slip grips
  • Brushes snap together into clip for convenient storage


SKU 12155000MLNYK
Materials Nylon Scrapers
Packaged Weight 52 g
Dishwasher Safe

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