How to grow lettuce and other salad leaves

Salad leaves plant out every three weeks give or take a week or two so that you have constantly cropping leaves. Then just keep picking them and don’t let them go to seed. Just pick off anything that looks like it will flower and throw into your salads.
- Thomasina Miers

If you opt for the cut-and-come-again growing of lettuce (where you take the leaves you need from each lettuce, leaving the remainder to re-grow), the time from sowing to picking takes just six weeks. And by making frequent sowings of lettuce and other salad leaves you’ll have a regular supply over many months.

  • Prepare your seed bed by removing any weeds and stones and raking over the soil to create a fine texture.
  • Make straight rows made by pressing a bamboo cane into the soil about 1cm deep.
  • Water along the row, and sprinkle a few seeds along the bottom. Cover thinly with soil or compost, and water gently.

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