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OXO Microfibre Spray Mop with Slide-out Scrubber

Mop this way!

Remove stains from your floor with ease

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The OXO Microfibre Spray Mop with Slide-Out Scrubber has dual functionality for cleaning up any kind of mess. The large microfibre pad is perfect for easy mopping, while the Slide-Out Scrubber is ideal for getting out tough stains (without having to bend down and scrub them). The Mop makes cleaning so easy, you'll be ready to mop 'till you drop!


Stubborn spots of dirt are no problem with the Slide-Out Scrubber! Easily clean up everything from muddy footprints to dried tomato sauce by stepping on the Mop’s pedal to release the Scrubber for spot-cleaning. The tough surface of the scrubber is perfect for removing tricky stains, and the shape makes it easy to clean small spaces.

Spray All Day

The spray bottle makes mopping a breeze (no bucket required!), and is removable for easy refilling. Pour in your favorite cleaning solution and get to mopping.

Wide Pad for Fast Work

The Mop’s microfibre pad is nice and wide, covering a large surface area with every swipe for efficient mopping. The fabric quickly picks up dirt, dust and other debris, and is machine washable so there’s no waste – just take off the pad and rinse for repeat uses.

Good Grips

Microfibre Spray Mop with Slide-out Scrubber

Easily mop up messes for clean, stain free floors

You’ll be whistling while you work with this Spray Mop. Fill the bottle with your favorite cleaning solution, squeeze the trigger, and get mopping. If you come across a tough spot, simply step on the pedal to release the scrubber for easy spot-cleaning. Then glide the scrubber right back in and continue cleaning with the pivoting microfiber head. The microfiber pad is machine washable, and scrubber refills are available.  


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SKU 12170600V1UK
Materials Microfibre
Dimensions 11.6cm x 19.5cm x 143.5cm
Packaged Weight 1.17 kg
Machine Washable

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