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OXO GoodGrips FurLifter Furniture Brush

Solve Your Pet Peeves

Quickly removes fur from furniture

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A Pet Hair Cleaning System

The FurLifter line consists of a Furniture Brush, Garment Brush and On-the-Go Brush for all of your fur removal needs! Its microbristles effectively trap fur, dust and lint, and the self-cleaning base means that there's no waste or need to buy refills.

Perfect for Furniture and Upholstery

The FurLifter Furniture Brush consists of a brush and a base. The microbristles on the brush effectively trap fur, dust, lint and more, lifting it from clothing. The base also contains microbristles, which clean the brush for repeat uses!


Directional arrows indicate which way to brush for fur removal. Once one side gets full, just turn it over! 

Hinged Handle for Maximum Ease

Convenient hinge in the handle allows efficient cleaning of couches and other furniture while keeping your hand at an optimal angle for use.  

Simple Clean-Up (No Refills Necessary!)

Each time you dip the brush in the self-cleaning base, fur is cleared from the Brush, so it's ready to use again. The Base holds fur until emptied.  

Base Opens for Easy Emptying

When the base gets full, simply open the cover on the bottom to release the hair for quick disposal!

Fun Facts:

We tested over 16 brush colours

and the hair of over 50 pets

in developing this product. 

Good Grips

FurLifter Furniture Brush

Ideal for cleaning fur and debris from upholstery

FurLifter combines the effectiveness of a traditional lint brush with the convenience of a self-cleaning base - no refills required. Best of all, it’s quick and easy, giving you more time with your furry friends.  


SKU 12168700V2MLNYK
Materials BPA Free Plastic, Microbristles
bpa free

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