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Good Grips

Butterfly Mop

Microfibre layer grabs and traps dirt for thorough cleaning

Our Butterfly Mop features a wide, absorbent sponge that covers large areas with one swipe, while the microfibre pad grabs and traps dirt for thorough cleaning. The comfortable, easy-to-hold handle fully wrings the mop with one simple pull, and the sturdy steel pole has a low pivot to reach under furniture. The Mop has two feet which elevate the sponge off the ground while not in use to ensure that it dries quickly and completely. Refill also available # 12171200UK



SKU 12171100UK
Materials Stainless Steel, Microfibre
Dimensions 6cm x 27cm x 127cm
Packaged Weight 816 g
Machine Washable Soft Non Slip Grip Microfibre

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