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Good Grips

Multi-Unit Measurement Jug - 1L

For Good Measure: An innovative spin on traditional measurement jugs

Our Multi-Unit Measurement Cup is an innovative spin on traditional measurement jugs. Rotate the removable plastic sleeve to view one measurement at a time, making measuring multiple ingredients quick and easy.

Perfect for liquid or dry ingredients the Cup has metric and imperial measurement markings. The Cup also makes it easy to measure an array of common ingredients, quickly with one vessel, with markings for sugar, rice, oats, lentils, and flour. The generous size accommodates immersion blenders and hand mixers. With a drip-free spout and balanced handle for precise pouring, the dishwasher-safe Cup and rotating sleeve come apart for easy cleaning.  



SKU 11213700MLNYK
Capacity 1L
bpa free Dishwasher Safe Soft Non Slip Grip

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