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Good Grips

Peg Dish Rack

Efficiently dries dishes and saves space on countertops

Our Peg Dish Rack features a wide drying area supported by a stainless steel wire for larger items, and flexible pegs to accommodate plates, glasses, and odd-shaped items. Raised ribs on the bottom of the tray keep dishes from any water accumulation at the bottom, and the drain slots remove excess water quickly. Non-Slip feet on the bottom keep the dish rack stable on the counter-top, and convenient handles allow for easy transport. A unique drain tray snaps in place snugly under the dish rack, keeping your counter-top clear, and can be oriented in three directions to best suit your kitchen. The rack's removable utensil cup allows for quick utensil transport and unloading into drawers.  


SKU 13148000UK
Stainless Steel

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