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Sit Right™ Toilet Trainer Seat


Sit Right™ Toilet Trainer Seat

Promotes proper potty posture with minimal mess

A non-slip edge and easy-to-grip handles keep the Potty Seat stable on any toilet. The splatter shield and smooth surface keep cleaning simple, and the angled design positions your little one in a comfortable position to prevent unwanted mess. The flat base allows for compact standing storage.

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  • Seat positions child to promote proper potty posture and prevent unwanted mess
  • Flat base allows Potty Seat to stand up on its own for convenient storage
  • Non-slip edge keeps Potty Seat stable on toilet seats
  • Soft, comfortable handles for children to grip
  • Small seat sized perfectly for little bottoms
  • Smooth, crevice-free surfaces are easy to wipe or rinse clean
  • Generous shield prevents splatter


SKU 6349700T1UK
Materials Plastic
Dimensions 35.5cm x 38.1cm x 12.7cm
Packaged Weight 430 g
bpa free bpa free-tot PVC Free Soft Non Slip Grip

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