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About Us

Our Team

OXOnians (our nickname for OXO employees) are a creative and dedicated bunch. It’s hard to do justice to just how unique the team is, but to give you an idea, among us we have a published poet, a ballroom dancing champion, the co-star of an M&M commercial with Mr. Bean, someone who was bitten twice by a monkey, someone who can say “I love you” in more than six languages and someone who had a 4x4 beam hit their windshield and swallowed a bottle top (and is still alive).

Although we all have different backgrounds and hail from all over the world, OXOnians share a common desire to make everyday living easier...and to have fun while we’re doing it.

Full Group Shot of OXOnians
OXO Office

Our Office

Our UK office is located in Sheffield, however OXO HQ is in the landmark Starrett Lehigh building in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, right on the Hudson river (we actually watched the famous landing of US Airways Flight 1549 from our window). Starrett Lehigh is one city block long by one avenue wide, making it Chelsea’s largest building, and it originally had a railroad running through it when it was built in 1932. Today, the building is home to OXO as well as a number of fashion, media & arts tenants.

OXOnians at Work



The average age of our crew of OXOnians.



As you might imagine, food is hugely important to OXOnians. Sushi ranked as our collective favorite, followed closely by pizza and bacon. But really, we’re all over the place, from eggplant and cherries to Dim Sum and Mediterranean cuisine.


Our team of OXOnians has grown to include 127 people globally, across our offices in the UK, NYC, Japan and Germany.



While OXOnians have a wide variety of hobbies, we’re by and large an active bunch who enjoy running, hiking and biking.



The correct pronunciation of OXO.

Tina Fey

The celebrity that the most employees suggested would fit right in at OXO. Other suggestions were Top Chef All Star Richard Blaise, MacGyver and Mr. Wizard.



We're most definitely dog people. 


We also like to stay hydrated, which is why water is overwhelmingly our favorite beverage. Diet cola and lemonade were also ranked high. We're wondering who answered "any natural, fresh fruit juice with NOTHING added to it. Only fruit."


The number of languages OXOnians speak in addition to English, including Swedish, Hebrew, Hindi, and Mandarin. Some of the less recognized languages spoken by OXOnians include "Pig Latin," "Broken Korean," "Menu Chinese," and "Enough Italian to Make Friends."

OXOnians In Action